10 Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins to Consider in 2023

11 Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins For Websites In 2023 Tidio supports an impressive number of 183 languages, out of which 21 come pre-translated. That being said, it’s not the most user-friendly in terms of WordPress integration, as this step has to be done manually. We recommend checking out our tutorial on how to add code […]

The Top 7 Considerations Before Choosing a Chatbot for Your Enterprise

Chatbot Implementation Strategy and Enterprise Chatbot Solutions ChatBot is an ideal solution for businesses that want a customer-facing virtual chatbot solution for sales and customer support. It integrates with LiveChat’s other products, LiveChat and HelpDesk, to offer a 306-degree support system for any business. If your business is poised to scale into the major leagues, […]

The Next Evolution of Online Shopping Is Letting a Bot Buy You Underwear

Online retailers should prepare for a holiday season spike in bot-operated attacks Maurice Bachelor wants to change people’s opinions about artificial intelligence bots. Billionaires Mark Cuban and Michael Rubin are up for the challenge. Our experts will answer your questions, assess your needs, and help you understand which products are best for your business. Risk-based […]